LinxObere Medizintechnik GmbH introducing N-Butyl-2-Cyanocrylate as the topical tissue adhesive for fast and secure wound closure named MagicDrop.

MagicDrop is indicated for the closure of topical skin cuts, wounds and incisions including laparoscopic incisions, which have easily approximated edges with minimal tension and are thoroughly cleaned and without any evidence of infection.




Use of MagicDrop can reduce trauma and improve cosmetic outcomes.
The closure procedure is quick - less than a minute.


MagicDrop Topical Adhesive provides a microbial barrier with 99% protection in vitro for at least 72 hours against organisms commonly responsible for surgical site infections (SSIs)*
MagicDrop Topical Adhesive demonstrated in vitro inhibition of gram positive bacteria (MRSA & MRSE) and gram negative bacteria (E. coli)*
MagicDrop medical device is designed to include a unique delivery system. MagicDrop is used to seal various cuts, lacerations and surgical wound closures. The closure procedure in quick and painless.
The active ingredient of MagicDrop is n-butyl 2-cyanoacrylate.Also known as 'Enbucrilate'.
MagicDrop is a sterile and single use medical device. The device design is patented.The product has built-in crushable glass ampoule package with a soft micro needle delivery system.
Innovative Micro Delivery System



Micro Delivery of MagicDrop helps to just add the right amount to close the wound. Accidental excess application is kept to a minimum when using MagicDrop which in turn helps in quick healing and decrease in tissue damage due to heat of polymerization.

Micro Delivery system provides an option to apply tissue adhesive at difficult to reach places as well as on very small incisions and cuts.
The crushable ampoule system helps to keep the product from solidifying due to atmospheric moisture. This guarantees the product to remain in liquid form and hence effective and active at time of application.




In some cases, a wound may be too long to be easily approximated in one section. 
If this is the case, after applying deep dermal sutures the surgeon should divide, the wound temporarily into segments using forceps, or fingers.

Use of MagicDrop can reduce trauma and improve cosmetic outcomes.

The closure procedure is quick - less than a minute.


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