Monofilament Polyamide

• Elastic and high tensile strength
• Smooth, non fraying, excellent elasticity
• Dyed black or blue with US FDA approved colors
• Attached with unique PRIMIPASS coating needles

LINX NYLON – Polyamide sutures for most demanding surgical procedures. NYLON (Polyamide/Nylon) suture is made from quality material attached to variety of stainless steel needles like round bodied, cutting, reverse cutting, taper cutting, taper point and many more. These are non-absorbable monofilament surgical sutures and do not require any coating.

PRODUCT: “LINX NYLON” (MONOFILAMENT POLYAMIDE SUTURES) non-absorbable Surgical Suture U .S .P, Monofilament Polyamide / Nylon
MATERIAL USED: Monofilament Polyamide (Nylon 6-6.6)
COLOUR: Black or Blue
COATING: The product does not require any coating & is sold untreated
STERILIZATION: Ethylene Oxide gas
SHELF LIFE: 5 years


• Skin closure ( intracutaneous, subcutaneous)
• Plastic and reconstructive surgery
• Orthopedic surgery
• Cuticular closure


• U.S.P. sizes 6-0 to 2
• Suture length available with needle: 45cms to 150cms
• Needle lengths: 12mm to 60mm attached to various needle point profiles


• PRIMIPASS coated needle
• High tensile strength
• Excellent elasticity
• Smooth and non-fraying