Based on 35 years of experience in the medical field, inside the beautiful region of Bremen-Germany, in an area called “OBERNEULAND”, the main core of LinxObere has joined together with well-educated and experienced doctors and medical engineers to target clinical R&D on the needle alloys used to make surgical sutures, and to provide consultation to some suture manufacturers about raw material and transferring high-tech manufacturing technology from Germany to other countries.

Helping newly developed manufacturers promote their products in other markets was the next significant activity of this group and parallel to this, the group has collected the special requirements of each suture market around the world by direct connection with top surgeons and clinical consumers.

The group have established its own facility as LinxObere Medizintechnik GmbH to supervise the production of surgical sutures and some other surgical products regarding the special concerns of its valued customers under its own brand name, “LinxObere”.

LinxObere Medizintechnik GmbH manufactures the highest quality products with the best material produced by state of the art machinery with advanced German technology in three specific ranges:

  1. – Wound Closure Management
  2. – Surgical Consumables
  3. – Angioplasty Products

Manufacturing process of all our products is automatized which results in precision, flexibility, immediate delivery, and competitive prices.

The facilities are ISO, WHO GMP, USFDA approved & CE certified and actively promoted in many countries around the world.